Advancing Liberty

The Wisconsin Forum is made up of individuals who believe that the United States was built upon a foundation of individual freedom and a limited role for government.

We are committed to speaking on behalf of the principles of liberty, and bringing the reality of the business world into the classroom.

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Ideas Have Consequences

The goal of Wisconsin Forum is to provide an opportunity for business leaders, educators, and students to interact with, and learn from, the leading economic and business scholars of our age.
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[ecko_tabs][ecko_tab_header id=”1″]What We Do[/ecko_tab_header][ecko_tab_content id=”1″]Through the schedule of dinner meetings, the Wisconsin Forum helps to fulfill our commitment by bringing articulate speakers to Milwaukee to discuss economic, moral and philosophical principles.[/ecko_tab_content][ecko_tab_header id=”2″]A History of Information[/ecko_tab_header][ecko_tab_content id=”1″]For the past fifty years, the Wisconsin Forum’s distinguished speakers have included nobel laureates, ambassadors, authors, journalists, and a variety of other persons of reputation. Read more…[/ecko_tab_content][/ecko_tabs]