About Us

About Us

The United States was built upon a foundation of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and a LIMITED role for GOVERNMENT. We have prospered like no other country in history yet we continue to see personal liberty cast aside by the encroachment of ever-growing government.

The Wisconsin Forum is committed to the speaking on behalf of the principles of liberty which made this country great. It stands as a voice, as a forum, against the ever increasing role of government in our daily lives.

The Wisconsin Forum is committed to bringing the reality of the business world into the classroom, so today’s students have a real understanding of the contribution business makes to our society.

Through the schedule of dinner meetings, the Wisconsin Forum helps to fulfill this commitment by bringing articulate speakers to Milwaukee to discuss economic, moral and philosophical principles which have as their basis the concept of individual freedom and responsibility.

Members of the Wisconsin Forum have an unflagging respect for initiative and the free-marketplace of ideas and economic activity. Members feel the best government is the least government. These are the principles which guide the FORUM on its educational mission.

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The goal of Wisconsin Forum is to provide an opportunity for business leaders, educators, and students to interact with, and learn from, the leading economic and business scholars of our age.