Online Reservations

Online Reservations

The Wisconsin Forum is pleased to announce our 2022-23 Season.

We would like to reassure all our supporters that the following safety measures have been put into place by the Wisconsin Forum and Milwaukee Yacht Club to ensure everyone has an enjoyable season.

  • Online Streaming for all events: This membership is for subscribers that are physically unable or unwilling to attend in person and still want to be a part of our season. This is a season membership only, and you cannot purchase streaming for single events.
  • Streaming is included with ALL annual memberships at any level (one login permitted per level).
  • NEW Magnetic Name Badges will be purchased for all members this year; you’ll receive your name tag at every dinner, we just ask that you leave it after each dinner to ensure you have for the next!
  • No cash will be taken at registration. Please pay online prior to arriving or by check

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Online Reservations

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