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Tim Peterson

Board Member

Tim Peterson has been on the board for close to two decades. He is convinced that the tragedy of the commons (communal ownership/loss of productivity and responsibility) will overtake our country until and unless the older generation does a better job of educating the next generation about the precious gift of liberty that has been bestowed upon us by our founding fathers. We see liberty and freedom falling all around us to the demagogues polishing the socialist rhetoric of the past. This is most prevalent in our institutions of formal education. We hear far too little from the capitalists toiling away at our ever-improving quality of life of which they produce. Mr. Peterson believes actions only speak louder than words in a free-market. If we wait for our actions to speak for us without teaching our children how to dismiss the bureaucrat’s impediments to trade, we will bequeath our progeny to the state and become ensnared by the leviathan.

Tim Peterson, Sales Associate, Mighty Dog Roofing

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