New Website Launched

Our website has a new look. But the real change is in the approach, not the appearance.

While we’ve refined the design, we’ve also expanded our mission as it pertains to connecting with our members on the Web: Our ambition is to help current and future Wisconsin Forum members quickly and easily connect with us and others who are committed to the principles of freedom, individual responsibility, and the free market.

We’ll do that through a improved use of technology and by engaging you more directly in Wisconsin Forum news and events than ever before.

With the new features we’ve introduced on the site, our members and guests will have the ability to:

  • More easily find information about the Wisconsin Forum – we’ve redesigned the layout and navigation structure, making it simpler to find the information you need about our organization.
  • Read news & events about the Wisconsin Forum, our guest speakers, and items of interest to our members.
  • Obtain information of interest, including links and resources, to other sites, articles, and blogs that relate to the Wisconsin Forum’s mission.
  • Engage with us and participate in our social media outlets, including our Facebook and Twitter pages.

As the Wisconsin Forum continues to develop its new Website, we are looking forward to continuing to connect with our members and prospective future members!

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