Yale Brozen – 5-26-66

Yale Brozen

Yale Brozen

Automation: Threat or Promise?

Brozen was a professor of business economics at the University of Chicago, where he was a colleague of Nobel prize winners Merton Miller and the late George Stigler and other members of the “Chicago School” of Economics

Brozen was one of the nation’s leading experts on antitrust laws, and, in virtually all of his writing and speaking on antitrust, was critical of intervention by the antitrust authorities. Brozen’s view of the harm done by antitrust was based on his belief that economies in which governments refrain from creating monopolies are intensely competitive. In Brozen’s view, government was the source of virtually all monopolies that were harmful.

A large portion of his work may be found on the Foundation for Economic Education’s website www.fee.org

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